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St. Johnsville, NY


The Nellis Tavern, located along Route 5 just east of the Village of St. Johnsville, has been undergoing a major renovation project for the past two decades, or longer. Most of the interior has been stripped to the lathe (that's very bare walls, folks!), floors have been repaired, fireplaces restored, etc. etc. etc.

In the Fall of 2000, Mary Nellis Davis donated a number of items from the Hans Jurg Nellis Farm to be placed in the Nellis Tavern. During a recent "Open House", Sandy Nellis Lane took photographs of some of the antiques which will now reside there to be admired by the visitors to the Tavern. More photos will be added here eventually to continue the story of the restoration. Oh yes, Mary and Sandy are direct descendants of Christian Nellis, their great grandfather, Hans Jurg, being another son of Christian, Sr.

Donna Reston, of Amsterdam, who has also donated many items from the Central Mohawk Valley area, is presently overseeing the restoration of many of the items housed in the Tavern, including those from the Nellis Farm. As you will note in the photos, some will need further attention. As they are restored, we will update the photos to show you their progress.

Here, then, are some of the items, previously resting in the barns on the Johannes George Nellis Farm, (Hans Jurg's Farm), and other places in the Mohawk Valley, currently on display in the Nellis Tavern.


A cherry cupboard, minus its doors on the bottom.

Donna Reston beside a sausage stuffer, with a hetchel hanging on the wall to her right.

A Spoolholder which will be kept in the weaving room with a beautiful loom.

(The rocker is not a Nellis from the Farm, but isn't it handsome?)

A Butter Churn, certainly well-used in its day, now waiting patiently for an eager child's hand.

And finally, Grandma's Dresser, much older than anyone expected,
which may indeed be tiger maple under all the many layers of varnish, paint, whatever.

Can't wait to see what remains when the scraper has completed her work.



                                                                                                Now restored and refinished.



Here are a few more items, without descriptions.


(last updated on Monday, February 18, 2008)

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