"The Early Days"

Back in the Fall of 1982, a group of about 70 individuals met and 
formed "The Palatine Settlement Society" to begin the process of 
creating a living museum, a "dorf", or village, with adjoining farms, 
forts, trademan's buildings, and churches as might have been 
developed by the first settlers in the central Mohawk Valley 
in the 18th Century. Milford Decker, St. Johnsville Town Historian 
served as its first president.
(October, 1983)
Almost immediately, the old Nellis property along Route 5 about 
one mile east of St. Johnsville attracted their attention, as did 
the Old Stone Store in the village. By 1985, the Society had arranged 
to purchase the property, and the Nellis Tavern, from Aleda Mary 
Nellis Weaver, niece of James Nellis, the last Nellis to live 
in the tavern. 

The pictures on this page are from the 1983 era, giving you a glimpse 
back to the days when the first Society members 
began the task of restoring our Tavern.


 View from the northwest corner, looking at back door facing Route 5.
 Speaking of the door...

 View from the northeast corner as seen from Route 5



 Same view, a bit closer



 "Closing in the Skylight", as they said back in '83

Clearing the forest was no small task!

But the results were gratifying.

 The building now appears as two "volunteers" clear the last of the shrubs.



 At last, clean shaven and....oh my! So much to be done!

Here is the view from the east end of the building 
with windows boarded up for safe-keeping. Notice the early lime-stone foundation on the left.

NOTE: These Photos were copied from the several scrapbooks of the Society's activities.
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