Presented by The Palatine Settlement Society 1747 NELLIS HOMESTEAD / TAVERN RESTORATION
(7355 St. Rte. 5, just east of St. Johnsville, NY 13452)

Last updated: Wednesday, February 21, 2024

Open every Sunday from 1 - 4 PM, June thru September



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The Palatine Settlement Society has undertaken the project of restoring the 1747 Nellis Tavern.
A great amount of work has been completed, and many functions are now conducted there during the Spring, Summer, and Fall months of the year.

Period music in the East Room with recreated stencils on the walls (2016)

Two pictures showing the house and some outbuildings

from around 1880




The five photos below will give you a perspective on our project.


September, 1983 - Here's where we started



1747 Nellis Tavern, with forest removed. c. 1985

{More on this stage below in "The Early Days"}



August, 2004 - New siding added (red) and a new porch on the south side.

A new shingle roof was put on in 2007 to replace the 120-year-old slate roof. The ceilings on the entire second floor were replaced with new plaster-board.
Most of the second floor exterior walls have also been plaster-boarded,
leaving only the interior wall in the "great room" bare to the lathe
for educational purposes, demonstrating several early styles.



July, 2010 - New paint, new shingles, new attic windows.

The east end exterior clapboards have been replaced,
the three yellow sides repainted.
Finally, a new well was drilled
and water brought inside the building for the very first time.

Since 2010, electrical outlets have been professionally installed in the basement and first floor.
The bar room has been redone and painted.


April, 2013
New wooden shutters now added to the North side first floor windows.

* * * * * * * * * *
New plasterboard walls were installed in 2015 in the East Room
and painted in anticipation of having the stencils there redone.
Those stencils were restored in September, 2016.
More stencil restoration (2nd floor) completed in 2018.

The old building is now much cozier and more comfortable.

* * * * * * * * * *
Starting in July, 2020,
a complete overhaul was begun on the exterior of the 1747 Nellis Tavern.
Water-damaged clapboards have been replaced, windowsills rebuilt
and everything primed and painted. A new gutter system was installed.
The North side (facing Route 5) was completed in June, 2021
and the East side in September, 2021

Work continued on the South (red) side of the building in 2022.
Sections of the porch and railings were replaced and the stairway rebuilt.
Windowsills and siding replaced where necessary, and all was painted.

Now in summer of 2023,
The west end of the Tavern has been completely redone.
In addition, several walls of the foundation under the kitchen
were restored in July.

Special Thanks to Americana Corner


Our story is too long for a single page,
so look below to learn more about
"The 1747 Nellis Homestead/Tavern"


Schedule of Events - 2024

2024 Antique Show - (March 2, 2024) - Arkell Museum in Canajoharie, NY

24th Annual Rhubarb Festival - (June 2, 2024) - At the Tavern, 11AM - 4 PM
Thank you to the nearly 200 folks who dropped in last year, had a bite to eat
and shared in the general conversations

Evening at the Tavern - (September 14, 2024) - At the Tavern, 4-7 PM

* * * * * * * * * *

PSS Officers and Trustees - 2024

Nellis Tavern Timeline - (1725 to 2023)

History of The Nellis Tavern - 2018

The Little Red Building - 2022

District #8 School House



* * * * * * * * * *

The Early Days - How it all started in 1983 A Visit to the First Floor - A Quick Tour (with new pictures) Nellis Furnishings - From the Nellis Farm

Nellis-Weaver Display - 2016 - Additions to the collection

* * * * * * * * * *

Wedding Reception for "Drums Along the Mohawk" -2016
{This event was repeated in 2017 }


Video of Stencil Restorations in the East Room
This may take a few minutes to download, but once finished will play normally
{See Winter 2017 Newsletter for article on the Stencil restoration}

MEMBERSHIP FORM - Please consider becoming a member (download and mail in)


* * * * * *
Special Notice

"Nellis Family" Genealogy Book Sale

We are nearly out of books at this time.
We hope to find more from other sources.

* * * * * *



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There is always so much more to be done.
We thank you for whatever support you can give us in this endeavor.

The Palatine Settlement Society P. O. Box 183 St. Johnsville, NY 13452 (A "501c(3)" organization)

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